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    María Salgado

    Some rains are in our horizon (at least in the Greek and Latvian seas), but meteorology is not important for debating, is it?  Enjoy the breeze, the changing colours of the sea and the company of seagulls.

    Just a short note to remind tomorrow’s agenda:

    – AFFIRMATIVE SPEAKER 2 – A2 (Christina Liaskoni) will submit her speech (max. 300 words) tomorrow morning (12th, saturday) before 14:00h.

    – NEGATIVE SPEAKER 1 – N1 (Edgar Liepa) will ask one question before 17:00h and AFFIRMATIVE SPEAKER 2 – A2 will answer back in the afternoon.

         How beautiful is our European sea!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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