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    María Salgado

    The Greek team has just unfolded the first sail, so now the ship is in motion. We are waiting for the second sail to gather speed.  This will be tomorrow’s contribution.

    Please, pay attention to timing:

    – NEGATIVE SPEAKER 1 – N1 (Edgar Liepa) will submit his speech tomorrow morning before 14:00h.

    – AFFIRMATIVE SPEAKER 3 – A3 (Christina Lampropoulou) will ask one question before 17:00h;

    and N1 (Edgar) will answer back in the afternoon.

    Please, don’t forget the length of posts (see rules).

             Go with the wind!


    Edgars Liepa

    Could you add time zone for schedules, please ?


    Alexandra Kourteli

    GREECE and LATVIA are on the same timezone.
    Spain is one hour earlier.
    (If that’s what you mean!)


    María Salgado

    Yes, as in flightboards, timing is local (Greek and Latvian times)


    Edgars Liepa

    Negative team speaker 1

    Our team is strongly against banning animal testing, because removing animals from medical researches doesn’t create a safer world for animals nor humans. Medical treatment must be as safe and effective as it can be, and if animal testing can provide usable results then we shouldn’t ban it. In my argument I will tell you why animals can provide best data for researches, but before that I will give you a point of rebottle.
    If it wasn’t for animal testing then potentially working medical treatments wouldn’t have been given to humans, because no one would ever want to test new medicines on living people without knowing if it works. Testing medicine on animals can predict outcomes or can reveal possible threats. No other method, without involving humans, can predict how a treatment works on a fully functioning biological organism; this is the closest we can get. Using animals can delay medical researches, but banning animal testing will certainly stop medical researches.
    So in my argument, about animals providing important information, firstly we must understand why we use animals. No computer or scientist can predict how medical treatment will interact with a living organism, a couple of living cells can’t tell enough information about the effects of medicine, but human experiments are dangerous. We use animals because some animals share the same biological systems similar to humans. For example pigs have the same cardiovascular and skin system as we do; mice have similar DNA to humans. Experiments with animals like these can provide data for developing new medicine. You were asking how this works, even though you said most of the results are misleading? Just think about scientific achievements which have involved animal testing. From treating deadly illnesses (Tuberculosis, cancer) to transplanting organs, to understanding how brains work. Experimentation with animals played an important role in developing medical treatment .
    Banning animal testing doesn’t resolve anything, it’s only limiting our capabilities . There’s so much that we can learn from animal experiments. It wouldn’t be very wise banning animal testing for medical researches.


    Edgars Liepa

    300-ish words


    could you plese move your post to the debate? Copy – paste it! Thank you!


    I have noticed that some posts couldn’t be read properly – something with the margins. So I edited the posts in
    order to appear properly. I also added the number of the words.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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